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The Sweetest Little Washcloth

Knitwear designer, Dee Hardwicke, posted this sweet little washcloth on her Instagram feed.  I made one and it is SO cute and easy!  So, I thought I would share...

"Here’s a really nice and simple project I posted last spring and thought it would be a great little project to post again now that so many of us are at home and could do with some pretty, yet practical items.

My Blush Rose Face/wash cloth. I’ve knitted this one in Rowan Summerlite DK in Rouge and Plaster

Here’s the pattern for you to enjoy and share 💕

This is a very simple and quick two-row moss stitch pattern. Cast on a multiple of 4 plus another 2sts. For my Blush Rose facecloth I casted on 50 stitches in colour A (Rouge). I then started my two row repeat in colour B (Plaster). Right side -K2, P2 to end of row. Wrong side -K2, P2 to end of row. Repeat these two rows picking up the opposite colour after every two rows. I knitted my wash cloth until it measured 18cm ending in colour B. Cast-off with colour A. And that’s it! A very pretty and practical wash cloth."


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