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Please join us February 12th for a Valentine's Day Jewelry Trunk Show...

All pieces are one of a kind so come early!!!
When:  Saturday, February 12th from 11am - 2pm
Leah Skidmore settled in Western North Carolina in early 2020 following a year spent traveling with her pets in a small RV, touring natural landscapes and parklands throughout the United States. She was born in Stockton, CA, and grew up in Salt Lake City, UT.  She studied biology at the University of Utah. Leah has been working as a jewelry artist for about 12 years.
A lifelong nature enthusiast, it wasn’t until her 40’s that Leah began to express herself artistically. Through the process of gardening and learning how to play with color, texture and visual balance she ultimately went on to discover a passion for making jewelry.  
After studying silversmithing and making metal jewelry for a time Leah found even greater joy working with gemstones and leather, designing and weaving interesting combinations of semiprecious stones onto hand cut leather to create wrap bracelets that circle the wrist once, twice, or several times. She takes her simple handmade loom into her yard where she can breathe outside air and listen to birds as she works.  
Leah loves seeking out and working with artisan made, nature made, ethnic, antique and vintage items to use as clasps and closures in her designs.  In addition to her mainstay gemstone-leather wrap bracelets, recent work includes long gemstone-leather necklaces that can also be worn as wrap bracelets, pieces that combine freshwater pearls with leather, and earrings inspired by her other designs.