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4 Adventure Passports displayed, 3 showing front cover and one opened up to reveal sketches and messages on white pages; 3 closed passports fanned out with yellow on right reading "TACO", red passport in middle reads "DATE", while green passport on right reads "HIKE"; 3 closed passports sit on top of opened passport; Pens in green, pink, orange, purple, gray, and blue surround the passports; All sit on light pink background
Small light pink passport book reads "ANOTHER PREGNANCY IN THE BOOKS" in gold across front cover; Letterfolk logo stamp appears at bottom of cover in white and top of cover in gold; all on white background
Image of front cover and inside of pink covered and gold lettered "ANOTHER PREGNANCY IN THE BOOKS" passport; Inside of passport filled in with blue writing and circles; Passports sit on gray and white countertop with black and gold pen resting on open book; Pink flowers with green stems sit above books; White shoes sit in bottom right corner on white and yellow kitchen towel; A black and white photo of a woman sits below books with pink and white striped baby socks in the bottom left corner of the image
Image shows inside of Adventure Passport of white background; Woman's finger wearing thin band appears out of bottom left corner to hold book open; Inside of passport shows sectioned writing topics in black on white pages
Small blue passport on white background; Cover reads "ANOTHER MAGICAL DAY IN THE BOOKS" in silver with the Letterfolk logo at top and bottom
Woman's hands hold open Adventure passport on gray background; Inside of passport shows black lined off sections on white and gray pages
Image shows two example pages from an Adventure Passport; Pages depict trip to "Disneyland"; Writings about Disneyland appear on left side of book while image of castle sits underneath blue tape strips on right side page; Book sits on light blue background with pressed coins, a mickey mouse toy, Disneyland tickets, a phone, a pamphlet, and another Adventure Passport all surrounding
Small deep pink passport reads "ANOTHER BUCKET LIST IN THE BOOKS" in gold; Letterfolk logo appear above in gold and below in silver; Passport sits on white background
Open pages of Adventure Passport depicted on white felt background; Reads "SKYDIVING" at top of left page with writing below in each sectioned off box in black; Right side page includes photo of two men skydiving over open plains taped down with blue tape strips at the top and bottom; Ticket stubs, a camera, a pair of sunglasses, a succulent, and another Adventure Passport surround the open passport on the black background
Woman's hands hold open adventure passport to reveal two pages on light gray background that match woman's nails; Passport book is white and gray and sections are divided by thin black lines with small characters appearing in each line
Small light green book on white background; Reads "ANOTHER BABY IN THE BOOKS" in silver with Letterfolk logo appearing above, also in silver
Adventure Passports | Letterfolk
Adventure Passports | Letterfolk

Adventure Passports | Letterfolk

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No matter the adventure–hiking, biking, traveling, birdwatching, pregnancy or losing your first tooth—we've got Passports to record every moment.

  • The Pregnancy Passport contains 36 weekly entry logs to record meaningful details of your pregnancy from week 4 to 40.
  • The Magical Day Passport contains 20 entry logs to record meaningful details of each visit to Disney parks.
  • The Bucket List Passport contains 20 entry logs to record meaningful details of each bucket list item completed.
  • The Baby Passport contains 24 monthly entry logs to record meaningful details of the first two years with your new baby.