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Botanical Travel Candles | Los Poblanos

Botanical Travel Candles | Los Poblanos

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Using a variety of botanicals, these 2 oz. candles radiate unique scents of New Mexico. Try placing candles in a different room to fill your home with a blend of fragrances. Or bring one on the road with you for a moment of relaxation while traveling. All of Los Poblanos' candles are hand-poured using natural soy wax infused with pure essential oils.

Each candle has an estimated burn time of 7-9 hours

Lavender: Blended with organic lavender essential oil. The aromatherapy properties found in lavender – including stress relief and relaxation – will gently float through your home anytime your candle is lit. 

Mint: Blended ith refreshing lemongrass, rosemary and spearmint essential oils.

La Rosa: A delicately fragranced candle inspired by the historic rose gardens of Los Poblanos.

Piñon: A carefully crafted blend of essential oils including piñon, fir, juniper, cypress and nutmeg.

Man Bar: Blended with sage, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils to create a uniquely earthy scent reminiscent of a day spent outdoors.