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Locking Stitch Markers | Clover
Locking Stitch Markers | Clover

Locking Stitch Markers | Clover

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Knitters, take note: locking stitch markers are a must-have for a seamless and speedy knitting experience!  What’s so great about locking stitch markers?

Locking stitch markers are excellent for marking the beginning or end of a stitch pattern repeat.

Knitters use locking stitch markers to highlight specific points in their work, such as the center of a shawl or the sides of a garment.

When using a provisional cast-on method, locking stitch markers help secure the loops or stitches, making it easier to unravel and pick up the live stitches later in the project.

If a mistake is made, or if a knitter needs to make a change to the pattern (e.g., adjusting stitch count), a locking stitch marker can be placed to indicate where the change occurred.

When working in the round, a locking stitch marker is often used to mark the beginning of the round.

Locking stitch markers are handy for counting rows or repeats, especially when working on a project with a repetitive pattern. Knitters can easily move the marker up a row each time a repeat is completed.

and the list goes on!!!

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