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Olive Oil | Graza

Olive Oil | Graza

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Graza Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the only cooking oils you'll ever need!

Graza sells just two olive oils: Drizzle, a finishing oil, and Sizzle, a high-smoke-point cooking oil, both made from 100 percent single-varietal Picual olives sourced from Jaen, Spain. Generally, single-varietal olive oils are better tasting than cheaper brands that blend multiple strains of olives together. Plus, Picual olives are known for producing extremely shelf-stable oil that retains its flavor longer. The Drizzle olives are harvested first, early in the season in October. When pressed, these young olives yield a spicier flavor, while the more mature Sizzle olives are harvested in November and December, producing a mellower cooking oil. 

The chartreuse-and-olive-green squeeze bottle is smartly designed and brilliantly utilitarian. The squeeze bottle means no slippery caps, no greasy bottles, and, most important, no accidental overglugging. Never again will I overdress a salad or drown my roasted veggies. Instead, I drizzle and douse with precision and control.

The plastic Graza uses is completely opaque (and recyclable, for what it’s worth), so it keeps the precious oil inside stable. 

Sizzle has a very mild flavor, great for frying eggs, searing tuna steaks, and roasting potatoes. It imparts richness and is perfectly pleasant but doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the ingredients themselves. Meanwhile, Drizzle adds a punchy, grassy note to salad dressings. It has a slightly vegetal, peppery, bright quality that zips through everything.

Graza is relatively affordable, so don’t feel like you need to be so precious with it; in that way, it’s like a really excellent drugstore beauty product. It’s the one you will keep reaching for when you want to glug and drizzle with abandon.

• Made in: Spain

• Shelf life: 12–24 months

• Storage: Shelf-stable

• Drizzle 500ml | Sizzle 750ml