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Shop Candles | The Shopkeepers
Shop Candles | The Shopkeepers
Shop Candles | The Shopkeepers
Shop Candles | The Shopkeepers

Shop Candles | The Shopkeepers

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BookshopSurrounded by print and paper, worn leather chairs and polished wood, new books and old, tales of adventure and romance, stories to thrill and intrigue. Tomes of saddle stitched history. The scent of intellectual superiority. 
Top Notes: Rose, Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Teakwood, Leather
Base Notes: Agarwood, Mahogany, Woodsmoke
Side Notes: Love Stories, Historic Fiction

Coffee ShopFlat whites and macchiatos, the hiss of milk, pastries still warm from the oven, our home from home, our refuge, our meeting place and our alone space, our usual table, our community. The heartwarming aroma of daily survival. 
TOP NOTES: Coffee Bean, Clove
MIDDLE NOTES: Nutmeg, Tobacco Leaf
BASE NOTES: Vanilla Bean, Patchouli
SIDE NOTES: Café au Lait, Flaky Croissants

Plant ShopGreen leaves springing from damp earth, tiny sprigs and giant ferns, strong blooms and delicate tendrils. The verdant scent of lush biophilia.
TOP NOTES: Violet, Tomato Leaf
MIDDLE NOTES: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Basil
SIDE NOTES: Tropical Rainforests, Green Thumbs

Product Specifics: Made with a soy/vegetable wax blend and fine essential and fragrance oils. All candles and fragrances are composed and poured in Brooklyn by Cavern New York

6 oz | 35 -40 hour burn time