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Single Lunch Box To Go (Organic)  | Lekue
Single Lunch Box To Go (Organic)  | Lekue

Single Lunch Box To Go (Organic) | Lekue

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With forward-thinking innovation, Lékué is here to show you how fun & functional dinnerware can be. Lékué uses silicone and BPA-free plastic, porcelain, and ceramic to give your essentials a whole new lease on life, and in turn, help you reimagine your meals.

Enjoy your meal wherever you are with the Single LunchBox To Go Organic! 

Our 100% airtight lunch box has a capacity of 17 oz. It also comes with a silicone band for easier transportation. Plus, it comes with a divider so you can combine food in the same container. 

This new lunch box is made with organic materials, and a lower percentage of plastic. The main material is a combination of wood fibre and polypropylene - one of the most widely-used plastics, which is 100% recyclable and perfect for contact with food.  

The wood fibre comes from the waste generated by logging activities in the manufacture of consumer goods. The wood waste is shredded, filtered and sterilized, then blended with propylene to create this new material.  

A high quality, completely safe material that complies with the strictest of regulations. The result? This airtight container can be used safely in the microwave, continuously for a maximum of 3 minutes. It also has a built-in valve to make sure it's completely airtight.  

Its minimalist and delicate design, with no clips or fasteners, and its trendy colours, make it great to show off and an ideal accessory for your daily routine. There is an extra lid on the upper part for storing your Basics To Go cutlery. * Cutlery not included.