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The Heavy Load | The Lilley Line
The Heavy Load | The Lilley Line

The Heavy Load | The Lilley Line

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The Lilley Line has purpose and style. Because these handwoven baskets are made of the strong plastic that is also used as the blade in a weed wacker, they will never break or fade. The handles are woven through and around the bags so you can carry the heaviest load if you are strong enough. Never needing to replace your basket helps our world reduce waste. But once you start using them, you may want to expand your collection. There is a size for every use imaginable.

H - 39cm (15 ½”)  W- 41 cm (16”) D- 30 cm (12”)   

This sturdy basket:  

  • Can carry the heaviest load, including firewood and six packs.  

  • Good for the grocery, market, laundry, loading and unloading.

  • Stores dry towels by your pool and you can carry wet ones back inside.  

  • Great as a college or apartment laundry basket.  Bottom is wide enough for folded clothes to remain flat.  

  • Woven plastic keeps basket mildew and odor free. 

  • Keep in the back of your car nested with smaller bags.

  • The handles are woven through the bag so there are no pressure points that strain the handles.