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Circular knitting needles laid out in packaging and next to packaging on white background; Tips of needles are light brown in color with gold colored caps and clear connectors between; Packaging is light tan with "SEEKNIT" written in middle in front of needles; Thin black band at top of packaging and image of blue yarn, small glass of water, small white plate with two rectangular cookies, and part of blue knitted project depicted on bottom of packaging
Image depicts dimensions of asymmetrical circular knitting needles on white background; Light brown needles with gold colored end connectors and clear cable connecting each laid out with shorter needle above longer needle; Shorter needle is shown to measure "2 inch, 5 cm" with a black line across; Longer needle is shown to be "2.5 inch, 6 cm" across with a black line

9.5" Koshitsu Asymmetrical Circular Knitting Needles | Seeknit by Kinki Amibari

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Kinki Amibari is the oldest bamboo knitting needle supplier in Japan, and for over 100 years continues to deliver on their promise to produce the best quality needles.

This brand name is for specific bamboo knitting needle products made by Kinki Amibari. These top quality knitting needles are made by traditional craftsman and provide an easier way to pick up stitches. Their finely ground needle points and carefully polished surfaces, provide an enriching knitting experience.

Koshitsu: Umber brown color needles are polished with natural plant wax after high temperature and pressure treatment.

Circular needles feature a rotating swivel that prevents twisting, allowing for smooth knitting.

The Koshitsu asymmetric circular needles are our unique knitting needles.
One of the needles is just one centimeter shorter than the other. It's comfortable to hold the needles.