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Vinegar Pot | Emile Henry
Vinegar Pot | Emile Henry

Vinegar Pot | Emile Henry

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A good idea for authentic flavors. At last, homemade vinegar is back! With a vinegar pot adapted to contemporary lifestyle and interior design. Vinegar, but not only! Make Kombucha, Kimchi with water...for curious minds there are plenty of ideas for flavors to cultivate.

  • Ceramic
  • Weight-  3.76 lbs
  • Dimensions- L 6.06" x W 6.06" x H 8.15"
  • Hand crafted in France

How to make your own wine vinegar:

Method 1: Creating a vinegar "mother"

Open your Vinegar Pot and pour in a bottle of good quality red or dry white wine reaching (8-10° alcohol). Then, add 350 ml of organic artisanal vinegar. Replace the lid and store the Vinegar Pot at 65-85°F.

A thin, white layer (the "mother") appears above the surface of the liquid after a few days.

It takes 2 months of patience before using your own vinegar by extracting the desired amount; 200 ml of this precious seasoning can be used every 2 weeks.

Method 2: Obtaining a "mother" from a friends or family

Ask a relative to provide you with a piece of "mother." Pour 2 bottles of good-quality wine in the Vinegar Pot and place the vinegar "mother" on the surface.

Put the lid back on the Vinegar Pot and wait for 4 to 6 weeks before collecting some of your own vinegar.