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The Future of Tia Dana...


Trying to figure out what the future of Tia Dana looks like and these are some new additions I’m considering in no specific order…would love any input!!!

New categories…books, embroidery and some fabric
Tia Dana book club
Storytime for Children
Knit/Crochet/Embroider/Weave Night - whatever it is you do
Project driven classes
Children’s learn-to classes
Trunk Shows
Outdoor whatever you do afternoons or evenings
Pop-up shops with local artists 
Local “yarn or whatever” delivery
These are just a few ideas but I’m open to pretty much anything…so let me know what you’re thinking!
And for those of you that are missing Tia Dana as much as I am, I’m filling up the website,, with all the goodies that are already here and those that are to come…
So with that said…
See ya soon!
p.s.  The plan is to start moving in to Tia Dana April 1st and have a soft opening April 16th…why the 16th?  Because it’s a Tuesday and Tuesdays are supposed to be a lucky day to open a business…at least that’s what my Mom told me :)

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