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Tia Dana Update...

Well, Tia Dana has been closed for about three weeks now.  I know you may think that Freeway and I are living the life of leisure but that would not be least for me, Freeway continues to be the princess she is!  The first week was a serious moving operation with Freeway's supervision, the second week was spent recuperating from sympathy from Freeway and this third week is slaving over a computer learning all about how to build a new website and all of the nuances Freeway lounges on the couch eating bonbons.  

With ALL of that said, I will stop boohooing...because I really am secretly enjoying this new venture...

This is the scoop...

a)  I could wait and do a "finished" launch or

b)  I can eke out my weekly progress for your perusal and possible purchases

My answer is b...what do you think?


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