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covid kits

Whether it's a gift for a loved one - or some serious self-care - let our covid kits provide comfort in these intense times...

Get inspired by one of our samples - or create your own: use coupon code BUNDLE ME UP to get 10% off when you buy 3 or more items. || call: 828.246.9779 || text: 229.289-5016

the basic
// soft, breathable basic mask
// uplifting tin travel candle (variety of scents)
// luxurious goat milk soap (that won't dry your hands out!)
// Japanese yuzu hand sanitizer

// a great book (choose from our killer collection!)
// the summer's most popular: Cavallini puzzle (variety of designs)
// Hemlock "votes for women" pin (pick from two designs)
the mermaid
// musee nourishing bath balm bomb*
// Dani pure soy candle, with scent from only essential oils*
// chic hair towel wrap to get those locks to behave!
// musee lift-your-spirits soap*
(*pick your scent!)
the gardener
// cute lil seed pot, perfect for herbs or starters
// botanical candle, with cool scents & plantable seed packaging
// vintage plant puzzle (several designs)
// gardening stickers
// seed bomb (2 choices of flower mixes)
// "Planting for Honeybees" book
maker's delight
// felted project bag
// diy embroidery kit (meditation in a box!)
// tape measure
// soothing Utopia "Knit & Purl" maker's hand salve
// tapestry needles