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What's in your Secret Stash?

Points...that's what's in your Secret Stash!  Secret Stash is our new rewards program!  Any time you make a purchase from Tia Dana, online or in our stores, you’ll earn points in your Secret Stash.  Get enough and you’ll earn a discount!  Don't know of any other way to show how grateful I am for all of your thanks...ALOT!!!

How do I earn Points?

Earn one point for every dollar spent on full priced items. The more you spend, the bigger the bang!  

  • 300 POINTS = $10 off
  • 600 POINTS = $25 off
  • 900 POINTS = $50 off

Points never expire, and they have no cash value.

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to  give points on purchases that were made prior to our launch date.

How else can I fill my Secret Stash?

There are other ways to earn too:

  • On the home page, click the little heart on the bottom right of the page.  Up comes the Secret Stash panel.  Sign up=25 points!!!  Not only will you stuff your stash by signing up, making a purchase but also if you follow us on Instagram, you'll get 15 points. One per customer.
  • Let's celebrate!  Share your birthday with us=25 points!
  • Or, refer a friend!  They’ll get  free shipping and once they make a purchase using their free shipping, you’ll get 25 points! You can refer as many friends as you like.

How do I sign up?

Your Secret Stash is connected to your Tia Dana account online or the email address you use in the store.  


How do I use my stash?

In the store, your points will appear at checkout when we input your email address. If a discount is available, you can use it then.
Online, you can use your your stash through your account.



How do I know how much is in my stash?

In the store, your points will appear when we type in your email address at checkout. Online, you can see your points when you log into your account and click the little heart in the bottom right corner. 

The little details:

  • Use only one email address. If you use more than one, you’ll have multiple stashes and they can’t be combined.
  • You must have an account to earn points or use your discount(s).
  • Every single dollar you spend earns one point.
  • You can use your discount code(s) on everything except buying a Gift Card.