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Close up of light brown 35" circular bamboo knitting needles with gold connection between needles and clear cables; Needles read "CRYSTAL PALACE 10.5" and are pictured on a gray/brown knitted piece

35" Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles | Crystal Palace Yarns

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Crystal Palace Bamboo 35" Circular Needles are made of the highest quality Japanese bamboo, carefully selected, cured and polished for a premium product.  They have the perfect amount of slide and friction to keep your stitches where you want them but allowing them to move freely as you knit .  The join lets the needles swivel with your natural knitting movements, preventing projects from twisting and saving lots of time and effort.  This length is superb for shawls, sweaters, blankets and length-wise scarves.  Available in US sizes 0-19.