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Small white box on white background; Box reads "twig & horn" in bright orange across middle of box; Box is partially open to reveal two round post buttons; Buttons are light tan with bronze colored center and flower-like line indentions spraying out from middle
Image of four post buttons in zig zag pattern on white background with front button in focus and following buttons more and more blurred; Buttons are light tan in color with bronze colored middle section and flower-like line indentions spraying out from bronze middle
Four post buttons shown on white background with every other button flipped over to show back side; Front side of buttons show light tan flower petal-like design with round bronze colored middle; Back side of buttons show light tan with no design and round bronze colored middle piece with small hole in middle and black line running across

Adjustable Post Buttons | Twig & Horn

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Styling your handknits has never been this easy, nor looked this good. Twig & Horn's all-new Adjustable Post Buttons feature a clever post and screw construction, making them easy to move and place anywhere on your knitwear—without the worry of damage or residual stretching. A perfect blend of quality materials and elegant design, their natural leather is beautifully debossed with a floral pattern, which easily complements a wide range of handknit projects. Turn a shawl into a poncho or ruana; or turn a ruana into a cardigan. Style a shawl or scarf to your liking, and keep the look in place all day—the styling options are virtually limitless!

These beautiful buttons can be worn three ways:

  1. Debossed (patterned) side out
  2. Plain side out
  3. Suede side out

Depending on the look you’re going for, the screw back can go on the backside (facing the garment). Below, we’ve outlined a few easy steps on how to use the Adjustable Post Buttons. 

  1. Unscrew the screw end and of the post
  2. Remove the back button
  3. Next, either trying on the garment or laying it flat, determine the location of where you would like the button to be
  4. Put the front half of the post button through both layers of your garment and put the second layer of the button back on; then screw in the back

Care Instructions:

Adjustable Post Buttons are made of natural leather with no color or finishes and the edges are rustic. Make sure to remove the buttons from your garment before washing (do not submerge them in water as this will damage the leather). Keep the edges of the buttons smooth with a fine grit sandpaper or enjoy their rustic edges as they age.


  • Includes set of four double-sided natural leather buttons
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Buttons measure 1" in diameter
  • Includes keepsake storage box with drawer & ribbon pull