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Children's book with white cover and orange spine on white background. Young black boy from the back in orange shirt extends his arm and looks on as multiple butterflies climb up towards him. Small sketches of flowers in gray line bottom of cover with "Written by M.H. Clark" and "Illustrated by Laura Carlin" over top of sketches. Reads "all that I Am" at top between boy's turned face on right and flying black and red butterfly to left
Image of book from the side resting on white background. Orange spine and boy in orange shirt on either side of cover. Butterflies on boy's extended arm fill middle of cover white top reads "all that I Am" in silver
Opened page of children's book All That I Am. Right side of book shows young black boy in orange shirt and red pants in a field of flowers on a white background. He stares up at a small sketch of a gray butterfly. Left side of page continues on field of flowers in greens, yellows, oranges, and blues, with writing above on white background
Opened page of book All That I Am. Left side shows drawing of boy in orange shirt and red pants in bright green forest looking up at the tops of the trees. Right side shows continuing forest in browns and greens, a small orange fox sniffing forest floor, and books' text above
Opened pages of book All That I Am. Left side shows bright yellow sun hanging in the sky above the books' text. Right side shows young boy and various woodland birds and animals all crowded onto tall tree and staring up at the sun
Back cover of book All That I Am. Spine is orange white majority of back cover is sky blue. Sky blue cover fades from top down to white background with images of young boy dancing going across bottom. On sky blue background text reads "There are wonders inside me that no one yet knows, there is magic the world's never seen. There are seeds for a future that grows as I grow, there are so many things I will be."

All That I Am | Compendium

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All That I Am

Written by M.H. Clark

Illustrated by Laura Carlin

Follow an inquisitive little girl on a camping trip as she journeys through nature and discovers the amazing worlds within her. The sun, stars, rivers, and trees serve as mirrors, reflecting back all her complexities and possibilities. Brilliant pencil and watercolor illustrations pair with whimsical rhymes to invite young readers to see the wonders around them and the miracles inside.

  • A beautiful story that encourages young readers to explore different facets of themselves and embrace their own worth
  • A poetic and empowering read aloud for children ages 5 to 9
  • Features a hardcover with debossing and elegant silver foil stamping