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Angel food and pound cake pan pictured on white background. Pan is gray aluminum and round with cone shaped insert in middle
Image of cake on white platter with gold base on dark wood table with black wall background. Cake is light brown and unfrosted around edges. Top of cake is covered in a ring of white whipped cream and bright red strawberry halves. Laying beside platter on table is light blue and white kitchen towel
Sketches of cake pan dimensions in black on white background. Top sketch shows pan from top view and vertically measures 10.0in while diagonally measures 9.6in. Bottom sketch shows pan from the side view and measures 4.1in from edge of pan to bottom while it measures 4.5in from middle insert to bottom

Angel Food & Pound Cake Pan | Nordic Ware

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Professional-weight formed aluminum bakeware is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Its PFOA-free nonstick surface allows for easy and effortless cleanup. Ideal for angel food and pound cake. Proudly made in the USA.
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Weight: 1 lbs
16 Cup