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Diamond Slices w/Turquoise Earrings | River Song Jewelry

Diamond Slices w/Turquoise Earrings | River Song Jewelry

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Earrings made with diamond slices with sleeping beauty turquoise clusters, oxidized sterling silver, french hooks. 3/4"

Diamond slices...Diamond slices are each unique in shape and texture.  The glint and flash like antique mirrors.

Please take care when wearing and store your jewelry with care.  Rough handling can dislodge or crack these slender stones.  We suggest not showering or sleeping in these pieces.  

Diamonds are believed to rally strength and invulnerability.  As a love stone it helps bring unity, purity & trust to relationships, including within oneself.  Helps the wearer manifest abundance.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, River Song Jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. As a dreamer and a traveler, River partners with artists in Turkey, India and Mexico. She ethically sources fine gemstones and antique relics that echo their native lands and cultures. River imagines and works each piece by hand, a collection of tangible happy memories.