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Etched Silver Heart Milagros Earrings | River Song Jewelry

Etched Silver Heart Milagros Earrings | River Song Jewelry

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Earrings made with etched silver heart milagros, natural diamond, oxidized sterling silver, 1 1/2"

Milagro...The Spanish word for miracle.  These folk symbols are traditionally pinned to an altar or church wall as an expression of gratitude for a miracle that has occurred or as a prayerful petition for help.

Our silver and golden Milagros are cast from antique originals found within Mexico.  Our antique brass heart Milagros are reclaimed pieces from alters within the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sacred pilgrimage site in Mexico City.  

The heart Milagros signifies faith, love and gratitude.  The eye symbolizes protection and clarity.  Animals and leaves represent our connection to the natural world.  Images of people offer health and healing.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, River Song Jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. As a dreamer and a traveler, River partners with artists in Turkey, India and Mexico. She ethically sources fine gemstones and antique relics that echo their native lands and cultures. River imagines and works each piece by hand, a collection of tangible happy memories.