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Pencils | Kita-Boshi

Pencils | Kita-Boshi

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A favorite amongst Japanese pencil aficionados, Kita-Boshi is a 5th generation pencil maker.  Like many a thoughtful manufacturer, it's a company whose ethos can be read in its aphorisms - from the founder,  “A pencil sacrifices itself to serve people. Both humans and pencils need cores,” to the current president, "You can't write with a pencil unless you sharpen yourself. No matter how good the core is, if you don't sharpen it, you can't dream."  Pencils made from highest-quality cedar and cypress.  Each pencil writes about 31 miles (longer than a marathon!)  Made in Japan.

Very dark green lacquer. Gold embossing on one side; silver embossing on reverse. Hexagonal. Box of 12. Please choose HB, B or 2B.

The degrees of hardness of pencils are roughly divided into three groups:
  • B stands for "black". These pencils are soft.
  • H stands for "hard".
  • HB stands for "hard black", which means "medium hard".