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Popcorn | Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

Popcorn | Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

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When we started out, all we knew was that we loved popcorn and we thought it could bring lots of joy and happiness to people.

We set out with a simple goal: use real ingredients, only create flavors that are different from anything else you can find and make it fun. After all, it’s just popcorn. Little did we know just how quickly our small Asheville community of artisans, musicians and adventurers would fall in love with Poppy. And not just them, but communities all over the country. Savoring, gifting and smiling ear to ear because of our all-natural, delicious, made-from-scratch popcorn.

Our secret isn’t just fresh ingredients though. And it’s not just state-of-the-art popcorn machines either. It’s the people who sprinkle, dust, dance, and pour their love into each batch so that the very person who opens the bag is welcomed with tangible positivity and delightful flavors that bring instant cheer.

Many years on from our humble founding, we’ve discovered what truly drives us. To spread joy, happiness and empowerment. And to build, support and uplift others and our own. So, we hope you like to eat (and give) a lot of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn to your friends and family because we sure love making it for you.

Made in Asheville NC