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Urth Hand Dyed Wool Socks | Urth Yarns

Urth Hand Dyed Wool Socks | Urth Yarns

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The aesthetic appeal of hand dyed wool...

Wool is dyed by hand before the socks are knit. Variations in the amounts of dye absorbed by the fibre with each stroke or dip of color creates a stimulating tonal intensity along the wool’s surface.  The hand dyeing rewards each pair with a degree of originality.  

Wool is naturally flexible due to its fibre structure.  These socks will stretch and shape themselves when worn to fit a range of foot sizes.

Wool is the master in its ability to breathe and absorb moisture, keeping your body dry and comfortable, warm and cool as needed year round.

Each pair purchased plants a tree.

*Colors vary...we are happy to send photos so you can choose or trust us to pick one for you.